Friday, August 15, 2008

Ah, to be one of TVD's First Dates...

The risk you run with a blog that's primarily vinyl-centric is appearing to be a bit ...well, out-dated. Musty. Mothball era. (OK, there--I said it.) But it doesn't mean that we're not listening to new, new music--in fact, just the opposite. Happily, we're inundated with it from every corner of the globe, but until now, there really hasn't been a forum at TVD to feature new acts who are struggling to get known and/or have yet to become indie-household names.

Until now, that is. As the header suggests, we here at TVD want to be your band's First Date. We're casting about for submissions from readers at large who are in a band, work for a band, or sleep with a band, or who've yet to be bounced on the knee by baby's first blogger--to be featured here at TVD each Wednesday. (Even if you've been around the block once or twice, of course we'll still take you in.) Send us your Mp3's, photos, and we'll even let you write your own intro for your band. Dream date, right?

So, hit us up - we're ready to kiss and tell.

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