Wednesday, July 2, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Rod Stewart/Faces "Live Coast to Coast/Overture and Beginners"

With the utmost in perfect timing, this note from Bob Lefsetz arrived in my mailbox this week while we're coincidently spending time down the road with our blues-rock neighbors, "I bought the first two Rod Stewart albums without hearing them first, the reviews were just that good. And six months later, I ventured to the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester to see him and the reconstituted Faces. That lame gentleman singing standards and serial marrying? I'm convinced he's not the same guy. Because Rod Stewart was the coolest rock star of 1971. You didn't want to be Jagger, you wanted to be him.

Rod entered the stage strutting in the middle of the first song. When he strode up to the mic, he fell backwards, and ascended just in time to hit the first note. And that voice! I was sold. I bought every album thereafter. Because of "Gasoline Alley" and that one performance."

Rod Stewart/Faces - It's All Over Now.mp3
Rod Stewart/Faces - Too Bad/Ever Picture Tells A Story.mp3
Rod Stewart/Faces - Angel.mp3
Rod Stewart/Faces - I Wish It Would Rain.mp3
Rod Stewart/Faces - Stay With Me.mp3


Palyniam said...

I still cant understand whty anyone likes Rod, just the same goes to Tina Turner... sorry but they are in the same league...o and Meatloaf.... Nuf said.

Nick said...

I couldn't even begin to describe just how wrong palyniam's comment is.
Rod Stewart has one of the finest blues singing voices of all time.

Listen to his collaborations with Python Lee Jackson (All 3 of them), The Faces era, and early solo material... not to mention any Bob Dylan cover (Of which there are MANY). If you still find yourself unable to distinguish between Tina Turner or Meatloaf might I suggest going down the Van Gough route and slicing your ears off, clearly you aren't using them!

The Vinyl District said...

I gotta agree with Nick here...sans the self mutilation, possibly...

Nick said...

Maybe a little harsh, yes!

Kudos on a great post "the vinyl district"...