Monday, July 14, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | KISS "Love Gun"

In '79, during a run-up to the release of KISS's 'Dynasty' LP, The New York Times published a long article in their magazine section about the band. I forget the overall gist of the piece, but something set my Mom off a bit where she said almost in passing "I'm going to come down there (where I had my stereo and LPs) and take those KISS records..." "Not if I don't get to 'em first," I thought. I gathered up all my KISS LP's and hid them in a seldom used closet that my folks stored luggage in...and for about a year plus, when I was up for a serious 'Christine Sixteen' butt wiggle, I'd ferret the LP out from the closet, spin at a respectable volume not to be overheard, and return it pronto to the mothballed storage closet.

Eventually it dawned on me that Mom's threat was an idle one at best...but the line had been drawn: us -vs- them, later distilled to: "Rock, be rocked, or step aside." (Ah,...NJ.)

KISS - I Stole Your Love (Mp3)
KISS - Love Gun (Mp3)
KISS - Christine Sixteen (Mp3)
KISS - Shock Me (Mp3)
KISS - Then She Kissed Me (Mp3)


Gilahi said...

In my naivete I once shared the contents of "Kiss Alive!" with the mother of a young lady I was dating. I was told in no uncertain terms that it must be "of the devil".

Anonymous said...

As a kid I would look at this album and listen to these songs with a feeling of SHOCK and AWE. To me, this is THE BEST Kiss album.

I think I'll put it on right now, vinyl that is.