Thursday, July 24, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | All Request Week

All Request Week continues here at TVD, and frankly I'm surprising myself with what's stashed in the archives--so Mark, here's a three-fer for you this morning. Good pal (and your WellerWeek author) Noah also wrote requesting some Grant Lee Buffalo, and here's two of my favorites.

And Mr. B. Walker, I've got some bad news, however--I got nuthin'. Those are some obscure requests there, my friend. But here's a tip, go check out what whiteray's up to at Echoes in the Wind. His exceptional taste and story-telling seems to be riiight up your alley. Tell him TVD sentcha'.

Pilot - Magic (Mp3)
The Tubes - She's A Beauty (Mp3)
Slade - Run, Runaway (Mp3)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Stars N' Stripes (Mp3)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Mockingbirds (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

many thanks, jon!


Anonymous said...

well,you did tell us not to be shy, so here goes one last time. there are two gorgeous ditties everyone should have but appear completely unavailable. the first is the a marvin hamlisch song "Cause i believe in lovin'" which plays over the end credits of woody allen's 'bananas'. the second is alan arkin singing "I like you (because you don't make me nervous)" have you got these, or am i pushing it??

indie mom said...

I love me some GLB!!