Monday, July 21, 2008

TVD Spotlight | Robert Wyatt | Part I

I have to admit. I kinda paced around back and forth in my mind over the last week trying to think about what my first TVD entry should be. One idea definitely stuck with me the longer I thought about it. Something on Robert Wyatt. More than that. A mini-series on Robert Wyatt. Not like some PBS or BBC type of thing (though he is from Bristol). Just a little three-course meal dedicated to a master chef of psychedelic, progressive chefs. I mean --- he IS the earlier and jazz-fusion. Let's me think about that some more. Ok - he's possibly a master chef of all chefs in all of the kitchens of music. The Food Network can contact to me about that weird analogy later if they want to, but to say that he's influenced me and others greatly is an understatement.

I'll sing more specific praises and give the backstory of his career like the nerd that I am later. For now though, I'll just say this: unreal drummer (notice the patterns, signatures, solos), incredible vocalist (the melodies he choses to use), gripping lyricist, spectacular beard. You'll notice the beard thing in the third part of the series. I promise...

Let's kick it off with the Wyatt-era Soft Machine. Primarily Volumes One and Two.


Soft Machine - Save Yourself (Vol. 1) (Mp3)
Soft Machine - So Boot If At All (Vol. 1) (Mp3)
Soft Machine - We Did It Again (Vol. 1) (Mp3)
Soft Machine - Returns To The Bedroom (Vol. 2) (Mp3)
Soft Machine - As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still (Vol. 2) (Mp3)
Soft Machine - Hibou, Anemone And Bear (Vol. 2) (Mp3)


Campfires and Battlefields said...

God bless my (and your) soul. I was honestly just thinking that someone needed to profile Robert Wyatt (does anyone call him "Bob," d'you think?), and here it is. Abso-tootly fucking brilliant. I wait with bated breath for the next installment.

strong comet said...

The Robert Wyatt website includes all related videos.
Visit this forum:

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mukisa / retrospect. said...

Thanks, camp. Learning about Robert (and mainly Soft Machine) is seriously one of my greatest achievements in life (next to mastering PBJ sandwiches and buying my first set of records- hah). "Bob" (hehe) is definitely one of those guys that deserves way more credit than he's received over time. It's weird though. I think that he looks more like a "Bob" now. Back in the day, he looked more like a "Robert". Beard science - *shrug*

Awesome forum/site, comet. I've ran into your site a good while back ago. Too impressive. Definitely helped me with studying Robert's drumming techniques too. You are a hero. A damn hero - I seriously say. It always seems like Soulseekers are heroes. Heh.

marmiteboy said...

Thanks for this Mukisa, Robert Wyatt is without doubt one of the greatest drummers I've ever heard. I'm no musician but he makes you sit up and take notice without seemingly showing off. His bass drum foot was goingf like the clappers in that clip and it makes for spectacular viewing and listening. He is totally unique and it's a tragedy that he can't play like that any longer. Although he still weilds a mean pair of sticks.

I'm looking forward to the rest of your posts on this musical genius.