Tuesday, June 10, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | T-Rex "Bolan Boogie"

An open letter to Devendra Banhart:

There's this band I think you'd really like.

That is all.


T-Rex - By The Light Of A Magical Moon (Mp3)
T-Rex - Hot Love (Mp3)
T-Rex - Raw Ramp (Mp3)
T-Rex - Ride A White Swan (Mp3)
T-Rex - Summertime Blues (Mp3)


IntangibleArts said...

A fine list, maestro. Ride A White Swan is a perfect tune, one of Bolan's 5 best. The other 4 are open for constant debate in my brain. And yes, it keeps me awake at night...

Jon said...

...might I suggest some Nyquil for that sleeplessness, Mr. Arts?

BTW, after reading your post on the improv music evening, I believe I passed you as you rounded Thomas Circle the other morning...or was that your intangiblearttwin?

IntangibleArts said...

Aye, Thomas Circle is indeed where I while away the daylight hours, clicking a mouse and praying for a swift death... But it puts me within dangerously tempting reach of SOM Records for lunchtime vinyl sprees. Perhaps a summit meeting over a pint at Pilar is in order?

Jon said...

A meeting of the blogs? I'm down...