Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Harry Nilsson "A little touch of Schmilsson in the night"

Good morning Washington...and OW. I think I watched too much historic television last night with my trusty pal Mr. Merlot. How about some soothing tunes this morning, ok?

Thanks. Shh. (OW.)

Harry Nilsson - As Time Goes By (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - This Is All I Ask (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - What'll I Do (Mp3)


IntangibleArts said...

nice one.
...but of course any mention of Harry Nilsson cranks up his ultimate ear-worm, "Me and My Arrow" from THE POINT's soundtrack.

........yep, I'll be hearing that tune in my head for about ten days.

............still, it could be so much worse.

The Vinyl District said...

Agreed! (Now, where's that Advil...?)

Davy H said...

My trusty Italian pal Signore P. Grigio says he knows your Mr.Merlot - sends hugs.

A h**gover midweek! Get you!

The Vinyl District said...

Let's just call it a "slow start" to the day.

Davy H said...