Thursday, April 10, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Joe Jackson "Live in New York"

Joe Jackson's at the 9:30 tonight with a similar live line-up to this 2000 release, "Live in New York." It's Joe on keys, Graham Maby on bass, and on this tour it was Gary Burke behind the drum kit. Tonight, original Joe Jackson Band drummer Dave Houghton is your time keeper.

And that's right -- no guitarist. Skeptical? Don't be:

Joe Jackson - Summer in the City (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - Fools In Love (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - Home Town (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - It's Different for Girls (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - One More Time (Mp3)


nba84 said...

Superbe... I Saw Him Live twice in France in the 80'...Quel souvenir !
Thanx...Nico from Avignon

billie said...

Joe Jackson and his band first proved they can sound good even without the guitar in "Night and Day." This year they did it again in "Rain." Wish I could watch them live too. Thanks!

Palyniam said...

Brilliant track..."one more time" my all time favorite