Tuesday, April 15, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Danny Wilson "Be Bop Moptop"

Owing a heavy stylistic debt to yesterday's duo, Danny Wilson followed up the stellar "Meet Danny Wilson" with the wonderfully flawed release, "Be Bop Moptop". Wonderful because the song writing is top-notch, as are the arrangements, Gary Clark's vocals, and the subtle atmospherics and sonic touches. (Love those rainstorms.) Flawed because of the timing...not in a career sense but in a production-value sense. These songs SCREAM full band to me...not tinny keys and often abused drum machines. (Hell, it WAS '89 after all.) But strip those away (as Danny Wilson did in a live setting--which is how I KNOW I'm right) and you've got a little gem that just needs...a wee bit of burnishing.

Danny Wilson - Imaginary Girl (Mp3)
Danny Wilson - Charlie Boy (Mp3)
Danny Wilson - If You Really Love Me (Let Me Go) (Mp3)
Danny Wilson - Loneliness (Mp3)
Danny Wilson - The Ballad Of Me And Shirley Maclaine (Mp3)


Walter said...

Top album
Was 'Never Gonna Be The Same' on this ?
If so, it's a stone cold classic

The Vinyl District said...

It sure was, Walter.

epota said...

Alright. Question: I seem to recall some conflict during the time of their debut regarding their name. I was always under the impression that MEET DANNY WILSON was not only the name of the album, but also was the compromise on what they had to call themselves due to some copyright/legal issues with just using DANNY WILSON as their band name.

Was that just rumor or a fact later resolved?

Regardless, their debut was wonderful. I never did move on to release no. 2. I'm anxious to check out the tracks. Thanks for providing a glimpse.

The Vinyl District said...

Actually, you're partly right, epota. The band was originally named Spencer Tracy but the estate of the late actor took offense to the usage. (The track 'Spencer Tracy' does appear on 'Meet...' however.)

The band ultimately named itself and their debut after the Sinatra movie 'Meet Danny Wilson.'

epota said...

Ahh...yes. Now it's coming back to me. Facts were a little mixed up. But it's been about 23 years, give or take.

Thanks for the response.