Friday, April 18, 2008

TVD | Friday @ Random

No caution to the wind. The noble Friday experiment in unchecked shuffle play whimsy has come to an end. Oh sure, sure - it was fun for about a half hour...there were the regulars (cheers whiteray!) and the copyists...ahem...but basically, I'm just bored with Bored. It'll reappear every now and again, but from here on out the TVD bully pulpit begins each Friday morning...whatever is in constant rotation, the best of the blogs, or something that simply needs to be said. And played. And shared. It's here -- Fridays @ Random.

Blanket of Secrecy - Say You Will (Mp3)
Two People - Rescue Me (Mp3)
Fiction Factory - Feels Like Heaven (Mp3)
Peter Godwin - Images of Heaven (Mp3)
The Payolas - Eyes of a Stranger [Full Version] (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

I loved the shuffle ; ;

cryan001 said...

I need Payolas Eyes of a Stanger and they don't have it on itunes and I have to wait a while before I go back to the record store because I spent way to much last month. Can you repost the link please..;