Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tickets. We get 'em.

...and now you will too, loyal TVD reader. We're giving away two tickets courtesy of The Frontier Brothers for their show TONIGHT at Iota in Arlington, VA. Most convincing plea for these passes either in the comments section or to us directly gets 'em -- but the contest closes at 3:00EST, so get those pencils moving.

Born in space, razed in Fort Worth, and now regenerating in Austin, The Frontier Brothers have only just arrived, yet early notices are truly something for the E.T.s to phone home about. "The Frontier Brothers cover the wicked terrain between The Beach Boys and The Kinks with just a touch of mad Syd Barrett," says Vivien Goldman (BBC America). While the Fort Worth Weekly declares, "(The Frontier Brothers) have a love for the pure pleasures of music-making." Individually known as Marshall Galactic, Brett Moses, and Travis Newman, TFB craft a new breed of danceable indie-pop inspired by artists ranging from David Bowie and ELO to Wilco and Arcade Fire. However you describe them, The Frontier Brothers are simply out of this world. The trio is currently on tour recruiting more terrestrial visionaries for their intergalactic exchange program.

The Frontier Brothers - Everyones A Neutron Bomb (Mp3)

The Frontier Brothers - Space Punk Starlet (Mp3)
The Frontier Brothers - Take It For Love (Mp3)

Update: We have a winner. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

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