Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Yes "Drama"

Despite the volume of whiskey and other things ingested at the prompting of my high school pal Noel to better "get" Yes -- it just never happened. He became a Yes-aholic, and me? Well, I preferred tunes that weren't 8 minutes long -- or a whole album side long. Sheezus. What torture. Make mine punk or new wave. But a funny thing happened -- Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman left Yes and the Buggles - the f'n BUGGLES - joined! What th'? I was in clover and Noel was in--censed. And you guys get guilty pleasure/embarrassing post #3!

Yes - Machine Messiah (Mp3)
Yes - Does It Really Happen (Mp3)
Yes - Into The Lens (Mp3)
Yes - Run Through The Light (Mp3)
Yes - Tempus Fugit (Mp3)


Mick said...

I'm with Noel on this one. Yes without Jon Anderson just isn't Yes but at least this isn't quite as bad as 90125 and Big Generator.

epota said...

Funny. I've been a Yes-aholic for the better part of 25 years. But DRAMA is actually still one of my all-time favorite releases of theirs -- with or without Anderson. Trevor Horn is a very able vocalist and adds a distinct delivery yet stills finds the ranges necessary to balance out the Yes palette. And Downes shows some strong keyboard chops. Far more interesting than the latter-day Asia records he would bog down with his synths.

It was almost refreshing to move away from the side-long tracks for a bit and really get to some ultra-strong 6-8 minute compositions that sizzled more and dabbled less.

Machine Messiah and Tempus Fugit blew me away when this album first came out. These songs were world's better than anything on TORMATO (released prior to this). And it still excels over any of the Trevor Rabin productions that followed.

While I will always prefer CLOSE TO THE EDGE or RELAYER to satisfy my Yes cravings, DRAMA is a 40-minute burst of goodness. Right to the point. Dynamic. No filler. A lot of albums should be so good.

The Vinyl District said...

Well-considered response there, epota. But are you saying that today's selection isn't 'embarrassing'...?

Peewit said...

Wow. I'd forgotten what a good album this actually was. When the great vinyl throw out was inflicted on me (when I got married!)I kept my favourite Yes Albums ("Yes" "Time and a Word" and "Going for the One") but sold the rest. I'm gradually reaccumulating in MP3 form some of my old collection so Thanks again for this

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite Yes album ever, followed closely by 90125. Perhaps one day all the 70s prog fans will die and the world will be left with people who recognise these fantastic albums for what they are: the very best of Yes!