Monday, March 24, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Genesis "Duke"

It's a tough life over here at TVD, what with having to conjure up some fine, fine music each week--rummaging through the archives to find the killer overlooked tracks and the hidden gems amidst the vinyl stacks. Yet, there's a deep, dark underbelly to this pursuit: the guilty pleasure. They're LP's or bands you might not admit to liking in public conversation, but at home, squirreled away, you're tapping your toe and singing along to some seriously suspect selections. So, in the name of transparency and candor, we'll pull back the curtain a bit and reveal a few dark, dark secrets this week...and we hope you'll forgive us.

Now, I can already hear the gasps of horror and disgust from my blog brethren Mick and Davy - but dammit, this is a fine record. I'm no Genesis or Phil FAN, but from first track to last (and at age 13) I was hooked. Tuneful, NOT ponderous nor fey (Hi Pete!) this release has some fine sequential moments they were to never repeat again. (Abacab has a moment or two - but naah.) Let fly with the barbs!

Genesis - Duchess (Mp3)
Genesis - Misunderstanding (Mp3)
Genesis - Turn It On Again (Mp3)
Genesis - Alone Tonight (Mp3)
Genesis - Please Don't Ask (Mp3)


dickvandyke said...

Spank yourself very roughly with a large wet fish.

The Vinyl District said...

Is there any other way?

Mick said...

Actually I love Gabriel era Genesis and I don’t subscribe to the view that they turned crap the moment Gabriel left, although it has to be said quality control became increasingly erratic. I’m not a big fan of Duke but both sides start with a great track: Behind the Lines (which you haven’t included) on side 1 and Turn It On Again on side 2.

Finally, a confession: I went to see Genesis on the Duke tour in 1980.

Now where's that wet fish...?

Anonymous said...

phil "divorce by fax & leave the country if a labour government wins" collins, really?

The Vinyl District said...

I didn't say the week was gonna be pretty.

But alas, I promise no KISS.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I bought that record too, way back when. Can I borrow your fish, when you're done with it?

On a serious note though - another strange and purely of it's time record that I enjoyed then was Manfred Mann's Earth Band "Angel station". Any chance you will post about it with possibly some mp3s. There doesn't seem to be a cd release of it. Purty please.

And, goes without saying, thanks for the great blog, sir.

Davy H said...

Oh goodness, I really feel I've said all I can on the subject *sighs the weary sigh of a Wildean aesthete or possibly Uncle Monty from Withnail And I*

There are a handful of songs I like, mostly the poppier ones.

And I have a sneaking fondness for 'Afterglow' from Wind & Wuthering because My Lovely Wife once played it for me and holds it dear to her heart.

I know, I'm such an old softie.