Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Elvis Costello "This Years Model"

My friend Mike was working at the Guitar Shop on Connecticut Avenue, NW back in the late 80's when, on one normal afternoon, Elvis himself walked through the door, broken guitar in hand and in need of a quick fix for his show that night at George Washington University. Things must have gone swimmingly, because for Mike's labor, Elvis bequeathed to him some tickets for that evening's show and I was one of the lucky ones to accompany Mike to my first Elvis Costello gig. I was just 10 when Elvis' debut was released ('77) and despite being sort of a hip kid at the time ("Radio, Radio" was being played on the New York City stations with some frequency) seeing Elvis rattle off these tunes one after the other was easily a revelation (for me) that night.

Elvis Costello - (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (Mp3)
Elvis Costello - Little Triggers (Mp3)
Elvis Costello - Pump It Up (Mp3)
Elvis Costello - Radio, Radio (Mp3)
Elvis Costello - This Year's Girl (Mp3)

Update: Coincidently, DCist has a feature on this very release today with some fine details...


igotmoxie said...

have you ever notices the US and european versions of This Year's model record cover are different?

The Vinyl District said...

How so?

dickvandyke said...

Lovely story TVD. Sums up that time really well, and the stage of his career he was in.

Keep up the good work by the way - tis much appreciated in my little world. (In the garden shed with a beer). Do you have 'garden sheds' over there?)


The Vinyl District said...

Nope - just beer gardens.

xtianDC said...

The original cover had color bars on the right and cut off the "E" and "T" from the artist and title respectively. Or so I've read.

I hate the fact that I am tempted to shell out nearly 30 bucks for yet another reissue of this album though. I'm curious to hear the Live at the Warner show though.

Davy H said...

Your story made me think of the stuff in here - it's a cracking read.

Anonymous said...

the U.S, version had a different shot of Elvis behind the camera, you couldn't see his mouth. also Night Rally & Chelsea were off and Radio Radio was on

Get Happy and Armed Forces had different covers as well

MGR said...

Your Elvis Costello anecdote conjured a strong memory of my own Elvis Costello "brush with greatness".

In 1977 - at the start of it all - Elvis was touring in support of his debut MY AIM IS TRUE. I was a college senior at Central Missouri State University - about an hour outside of Kansas City. We never missed a chance to leave our rural college town to head for "the city". and had seen Elvis on Saturday Night Live (and, of course LOVED him instantly...), so we piled into somebody's car and headed to a small KCMO club called POGO's.

Some long forgotten opening band had finished their set and I chatted with my friends a bit before heading to the Men's room to relieve myself. Surprisingly, I was the only soul in the bathroom and I stationed myself at a urinal to do my business. Part of the way through my duty, I heard the Men's room door open and the shuffling of feet heading in my direction. I was vaguely aware that someone had occupied the next urinal, but as per standard men's room/elevator protocol I kept my gaze discreetly downward.

After a few moments, i stole a glance at my neighbor... and who should it be Elvis Costello - THE MAN - himself. While I've never been one to be a star/celebrity chaser, the realization that I was was pissing in the presence of greatness did throw me for a loop. But I kept enough of my wits so as not to make a fool myself by gushing over the urinals.

I finished my business and exited into the hall and in just a few moments, I was followed out by EC. I took a moment to very respectfully let him know I was a fan and to wish him good luck with his fledgling career. He thanked me and then... as if on cue... we both burst out in laughter, realizing the surreal ridiculousness of the situation. He walked away... and later played a mind-blowing - albeit very brief (like...28 minutes) set.

To this day... me and my friends of 20+ years still talk about the day I urinated next to Elvis Costello at POGO's in Kansas City!

Anyway... many years have passed and I'm gettin' old. But my love of edgy music continues. I have just completed the 25th edition of my annual "BEST OF..." CD set which goes out to friends and other interested parties every year. I have attached JPG's of the covers (the photography and design is my own, as well) so that you can marvel at my incoherent and far flung taste in music.

Keep up the GREAT work. Love it!