Friday, March 28, 2008

TVD Shuffle Bored | March 28, 2008

OK, that's it. I'm pitching the Nano. Too many recurring themes among the randomness...but here you have it:
ABC - Date Stamp (Mp3)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) (Mp3)
Thin Lizzy - The Sun Goes Down (Mp3)
Danny Wilson - Aberdeen (Mp3)
The Turtles - Elenore (Mp3)


Marissa said...

Ahh! The Turtles! I used to love them as a kid! And the Monkees. Really, any band named after an animal...oh, and Wang Chung. Don't ask.

Jon said...

I was listening to that first Wang Chung LP THIS WEEK. Yea, don't ask.

Anonymous said...

Some of these are questionable, but it's what came up:
1. Doobie Bros - Black Water
2. Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
3. Elton John - Rocket Man
4. Doobies - Long Train Runnin'
5. Shakin It Loose - REO Speedwagon

whiteray said...

Well, it's a late lunchtime in the Midwest. So here we go:

1. "Heaven Knows When" by the Flowerpot Men, possibly from an unreleased sessions in 1967.

2. "The Sea" by Roger McGuinn from "The Seam" 2003.

3. "Do I Need You" by Ann Peebles from "I Can't Stand The Rain," 1974.

4. "Dim Light" by the Flying Burrito Brothers," an unreleased track from 1970.

5. "Trøstesang" by Bjørn Eidsvåg, a Norwegian whose music I quite like, from "Tålt," 2002.

Anonymous said...

Constantly on Shuffle:
1.Zero 7 - "Distractions" - Simple Things
2.Sugar Ray "Personal Space Invaders" - 14:59
3.The Secret Machines "Girl From the North Country" - Now Here is Nowhere
4.Steve Miller Band - "Going to the Country" - The Best Of 1968-1973
5.Cowboy Junkies - "Sweet Jane" - The Trinity Sessions
-Ed from Concord

whiteray said...

Obviously, the McGuinn release above was "The Sea," not a tribute to tailors. Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

1. The Faces - Maybe I'm Amazed
2. Nikki Sudden - Too Many Girls
3. Sugarloaf - Green Eyed Lady
4. Lotte Lenya - Pride
5. The Dicks - Executive Dive

Err...I don't get it either! :)