Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Washington City Paper visits TVD; Dismisses Entire Genre

Whackjobs (or wait...) actually onto something...?

The Washington City Paper stopped by yesterday morning simultaneously making mention of last Friday's power pop lineup (thanks guys!), then to completely dismiss the entire genre as a whole - saving just Big Star and 20/20 from the trash bin o' pop history. (Both of whom made our Friday Ten, by the way.) "It’s just such an overrated genre. Just go and buy some Big Star and forget the rest" Jason Cherkis opined.

Now, we know many of you zip thru TVD via Power Pop Criminals and The Not Lame Blog (among quite a few others) and the downloads were increasingly high for last Friday's Shots, so the City Paper CAN'T be on to something, or...can it be? The entire genre in utter shite shock? (Because if that's the case, I have some genres on my list to anything ending with the suffix "abilly" for example...) Ahem.


Anonymous said...

How about pitching 2/3's of the power pop genre?

The Vinyl District said...

A case COULD be made...