Friday, February 1, 2008

TVD's Weekend Shots

I said to our Guest DJ from the past two weeks, "John, the readers wanna know how the conversation with your significant other turned out?" To which he replied, "As with most adult conversations you need to check back with me in 5 years to know how it really went."

(True enough.)

"Most important decisions in life are made between two people in bed. I found that out at my expense." - Billy Bragg

A House - When I First Saw You (Mp3)

Guided By Voices - Acorns & Orioles (Mp3)
Kitchens Of Distinction - Drive That Fast (Mp3)
The Caribbean - Heaven Knows (Mp3)
Kings Of Convenience - Love Is No Big Truth (Mp3)
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Mp3)
Pale Saints - Sight Of You (Mp3)
Mark Ronson - Stop Me (Mp3)
Life Without Buildings - The Leanover (Mp3)
A House - Take It Easy On Me (Mp3)

TVD welcomes YOU as Guest DJ. Got the balls and ten tracks to share? Send us a note...


Davy H said...

Spookily, I recently mentioned the Pale Saints here: I badly wanted to unlock a track of theirs from an old mix tape given to me by a friend.

It was this one.

Crazy, true.

The Vinyl District said...

Because we're reading your mind.

marmiteboy said...

The Pale Saints were a truely great band. Fantastic to see them here.