Thursday, February 21, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Neil Finn "Try Whistling This"

I don't think today's "singer/songwriter" will rise to the level of debate and discourse as yesterday's selection of Mr. Weller seems to have engendered -- Neil just seems to be the one who we can all agree upon. (Right...?) Having tied up the Enz and shuttered the House (the first time 'round) Neil emerged as a solo performer with '98's "Try Whistling This," a looser, slightly funkier release where a spirit of playful experimentalism prevails. Tracks like "Sinner" and "Twisty Bass" amid others find him incorporating discreet layers of loops and unexpected influences (house music, trance) into what remains, at heart, an essentially handmade, linear song-writing technique.

Neil Finn - Last One Standing (Mp3)
Neil Finn - Souvenir (Mp3)
Neil Finn - Try Whistling This (Mp3)
Neil Finn - Twisty Bass (Mp3)
Neil Finn - Sinner (Mp3)


Anna said...

hi! I was just wondering whether you could repost this entry:

the files have expired and your choice of songs is just too good to be missed...

please? xxxxx

The Vinyl District said...

As a rule we kinda don't do reposts--it's tough enough to update daily as it is! Send an email directly and we'll forward the link to that day's songs.