Friday, January 18, 2008

TVD's Shuffle Bored | January 18, 2008

Simply. At. Random.
David Vandervelde - Murder in Michigan (Mp3)
The Chameleons - Caution (Live) (Mp3)
Blue Ash - Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?) (Mp3)
20/20 - Tell Me Why (Mp3)
Two People - Rescue Me (Mp3)


davyh said...

Mine's en pleine forme today too...

'Football Kids' - Club 8
'Goodbye Joe' - The Monochrome Set
'Away From Here' - The Enemy
'Run For Me' - Richard Hawley
'This Is Not A Love Song' - PIL

Anonymous said...

Mine are mostly from the TVD 70's posts.
1. welcome back kotter by John Sebastian
2. New Kid in Town The Eagles
3. One Bad Apple
4. Aint no woman
5. Diamond Girl

whiteray said...

Mine came out as:
“I’m Ready” by Muddy Waters from “Fathers & Sons,” 1969
“I’ll Follow The Sun” by the Beatles from “Beatles For Sale,” 1964
“Not My Way Home” by Nanci Griffith from “The Dust Bowl Symphony,” 1999
“I’m Her Daddy” by Bill Withers from “Just As I Am,” 1971
“Feel Like” by Al Stewart from “Famous Last Words,” 1993

Anonymous said...

'Son of Skip James' DION
'Mate of the bloke' HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT
'Bye bye badman' THE STONE ROSES

what a journey.