Monday, January 28, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Nick Heyward "From Monday to Sunday"

Why, I used to listen to "How Do You Live Without Sunshine" 24/7, from Monday to Sunday. (Add red wine, stir.)

Nick Heyward - How Do You Live Without Sunshine (Mp3)
Nick Heyward - Into Your Life (Mp3)
Nick Heyward - January Man (Mp3)
Nick Heyward - Kite (Mp3)
Nick Heyward - Mr. Plain (Mp3)


Jimbromski said...

"Kite," that's a good one. You must have a chip in my head, just a couple of days ago I was on AMG reading about Haircut 100. No particular reason, I just like to browse and read about bands.

The Vinyl District said...

TVD: one implanted chip at a time...