Thursday, January 10, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Arnold "The Barn Tapes"

Mark Saxby, Phil Morris and Phil Payne WERE (we think?) Arnold - initially signed to Alan McGee's Creation Records and later on his Poptones imprint. These tracks come from their demos (recorded over 12 days in a medieval barn in Kent) which impressed McGee so much he released them -- as is. Some of these tracks later appeared on Arnold's wonderful debut "Hillside" which was followed by "Bahama" and subsequently a self-titled EP of new (fantastic) material. Then well, Saxby and Payne now record as Little Massive. So, Arnold - where are you? (Yes, we're big fans...)

Arnold - Float My Boat (Mp3)
Arnold - Face (Mp3)
Arnold - Windsor Park (Mp3)
Arnold - Medication Time (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

Ooooh Mr Magoo - you've done it again.

Another great CD I had and lost.

Medication time is superb.



Ed said...

Great mini-album, remember seeing them in London, hell, ten years ago, at a small place called the Borderline. Still have this, and Hillside on vinyl. Don;t play them often, but they still bring a smile to my face.