Friday, December 14, 2007

TVD's Weekend Shots...and a new Friday feature:

It's a five Mp3 walk from TVD Home Base to TVD nine-to-fiver -- quite fortunate we are. That said and despite the best of efforts, the iPod's been reduced to a 'Name That Tune' which occurs at merely one or two simple notes in. See, we know 'em all.

Sooo - welcome our new Friday feature. That morning's five will get slapped up on the blog -- then we wanna hear your iPod's five random, shuffled selections to spread the wealth and/or the Mp3's. Feel free to just list them, or if you want to supply a link in the comments section, by all means go for it. Expand our shuffled horizons.

These first ten suffice as your Weekend Shots and serve as a random example of well, randomness.

Joe Jackson - King Pleasure Time...brand new track! (Mp3)
Friends Again - Moon 3 (Mp3)
The Babys - True Love True Confession (Live) (Mp3)
The Replacements - Swingin' Party (Mp3)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Rock Of Ages (Mp3)
The Clientele - Somebody Changed (Mp3)
Eric Matthews - Pair Of Cherry (Mp3)
Gene Simmons - Mr. Make Believe (Mp3)
FGTH - San Jose (Mp3)
Band Aid - Feed The World (Mp3)


sfenn said...

Those are some good selections. I would love to belt out 'San Jose' on my way to work, and I just listened to 'Somebody Changed' not an hour ago. Excellent runner-up to 'Bookshop Cassanova' on that album. 'Feed the World' is a nice flipside to the best-ever Xmas tune, even if David Bowie is a big downer halfway through. Why couldn't he have just sung something on the other side?

Here's my 5:
Ed Harcourt - In the Bleak Midwinter, Pulp - This Is Hardcore (Permanent Darkness Mix), The Dead Sexy Inc. - Let's Go To Bed, Crowded House - She Called Up, The Cranberries - Animal Instinct

Not bad, but I would've preferred a better Cranberries song.

whiteray said...

My five, just before 1 a.m. here in the Midwest, 12-15-07:

"Effervescent Blue" by Jackie DeShannon
"Hearts" by Iain Matthews
"City Song" by Lindisfarne
"Hurtwood Alley" by Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg
"Lonesome John" by Tim O'Brien, John Herrman & Dirk Poiwell

An interesting mix . . . as is yours! Have a good weekend.


See, that's what I'm talking about -- I haven't heard any one of those songs whiteray's listed. (I think?)

Nice one! Keep them coming...

jimmy jazz said...

Been dropping in since you're fine Bathers selections...

Last five on shuffle (half an hour ago, driving back from central London)are:-

Swing Your Daddy - Jim Gilstrap
Scale - The Skids
Les Ondes - Motorbass
Little Demon - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
If It Doesn't Kill You - Siouxsie

Crash Calloway said...

Five from me...

Victor Scott - My Hong Kong Ways
Bloc Party - This Is Not A Competition
Silversun Pickups - Little Lovers
The Who - Real Good Looking Boy
Roxy Music - Over You

None of which I've otherwise listened to recently, although in a good linking up kind of way the last one came to me on a playlist posted by Colin of 'And Before The First Kiss'. I love random sounds experiments.