Friday, December 7, 2007

TVD's Daily Wax | Material Issue "Freak City Soundtrack"

If there's a common theme among the last two day's posts, it's not just who the hell is Egbert Records (really, I Googled) but the appearance on both tribute releases by Material Issue. Trouser Press noted " its best, Material Issue was responsible for some of the '90s' juiciest Big Star/Cheap Trick-style power pop at a time when it was well out of fashion. . . 'Freak City Soundtrack' is an unqualified triumph." And they're right on both accounts. (Play LOUD.)

Material Issue - Goin' Through Your Purse (Mp3)
Material Issue - Kim The Waitress (Mp3)
Material Issue - I Could Use You (Mp3)
Material Issue - The Fan (Mp3)
Material Issue - One Simple Word (Mp3)


shamus said...

We've a MI promo single with "Mrs. Robinson" as the B-side. Oddly this came out right around the time of The Lemonheads cover- frankly it blows it away. However, I DO have to admit a prejudice against anything Evan Dando.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this for awhile now...thanks. Any chance of getting the rest?


Email me directly...

polycarpo said...

can you upload the version of "mrs robinson" by material issue please
cheers from argentina