Friday, November 30, 2007

TVD's Morning Wax | Gary Clark "Ten Short Songs About Love"

Love us some Gary Clark here at TVD, be it Danny Wilson, King L, Transister and well, solo. The great unsung talent of British rock music is not Nick Drake but genius Scot Gary Clark - the man who wrote the immortal "Mary's Prayer", and could make an Abba song "Knowing Me, Knowing You" - seem not camp and cute, but the most tragic love song ever written.

Five great reasons to hunt down "Ten Short Songs..."
Gary Clark - This Is Why, J. (Mp3)
Gary Clark - A Short Song About Love (Mp3)
Gary Clark - Nancy (Mp3)
Gary Clark - Baby Blue No. 2 (Mp3)
Gary Clark - Any Sunday Morning (Mp3)


Jennifer said...

Man, those songs are terrific. I had no idea this guy had a solo album. Thanks for those.

Brian Cleary said...

At last someone else has realised that Gary Clark is a genius. I bought the album in 1993 and it gets played on an almost daily basis since. My fave on the album is 'Freefloating'. At the time he released 'We Sail On The Stormy Waters' as a single with a cover of 'Sara Smile' as the b-side. I am a huge H&O fan, but Gary's version trumops theirs a thousand times over.

Jon said...

I have the series of singles (4) released for this record and you're right -- "Sara Smile" is GREAT.

Hey...I hear an idea for a follow-up post...