Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TVD's Morning Wax

Guilty pleasure morning. Five from Ireland's Devlins...
The Devlins - Waiting (Mp3)
The Devlins - Years Could Go By (Mp3)
The Devlins - World Outside (Mp3)
The Devlins - Surrender (Mp3)
The Devlins - Reckless (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

Can I ask if your bandwidth has been exceeded for this month.

I would have loved to have checked out the It's Immaterial tracks - only really know them from their one hit - but I was unable to sample the tracks.

I've probably already commented to this effect, but thanks again for posting the Prefab Sprout 'Protest Songs' tracks. I gave away my cassette of that album years ago, and wasn't able to find the tracks anywhere else.

all the best,

Jon said...

The downloads for both 'It's Immaterial' posts are still available...if not for some reason, shoot me a note...