Thursday, September 20, 2007

TVD'S Morning Wax

Trouser Press has this to say about King: "From the ashes of promising rock-ska band the Reluctant Stereotypes, Coventry singer Paul King decided to go for the gold ring with a crass chart-geared quartet he thoughtfully named after himself. Launched in 1983, the colorfully uniformed King (the group) served a noxious, unmelodic pseudo-funk concoction that got an inexplicably favorable response: "Love & Pride" and "Won't You Hold My Hand Now" became hits. Produced (and drummed on) by Richard James Burgess, Steps in Time is filled with alarmingly stupid lyrics, fickle stylistic dabbling, arena-rock attributes and art-school pretensions. Awful."

Then why post this a noxious, unmelodic pseudo-funk concoction you ask? Why, King was the first band I saw live here in DC, at the (old) 9:30 on F Street -- waaay back in September of '85. (Yes,...old f*cks.) Plus, it ain't so bad. Really.
King - Love & Pride (Mp3)
King - Won't You Hold My Hand Now (Mp3)
King - Love & Pride (Body & Soul Remix) (Mp3)
King - Won't You Hold My Hand Now (Heavy Times Mix) (Mp3)

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Murgs said...

No "Kiss the Spikey Fridge"??? (at least I think that was King)...

Oh well, maybe next time...

David M.