Monday, September 10, 2007

Of course we take requests!
The Vapors - Spring Collection (Mp3)
The Vapors - News at Ten (Mp3)
The Vapors - Sixty Second Interval (Mp3)
The Vapors - Waiting for the Weekend (Mp3)
The Vapors - Letter from Hiro (Mp3)


davyh said...

Well hey! thanks so much there Master Vinyl....have loved 'News At Ten' since I bought the original single and played it to death in my room while my parents watched, er, the news at ten downstairs!!! Don't know the other tracks (my pocket money didn't run to the album) so all this time later I get to hear them for the first time. 'Props' to you sir, as I believe the young people say.

dickvandyke said...

'News at Ten' did it for me too. Perhaps being 16/17 at the time had everything to do with it.
There is also a Vapors Anthology available.

igotmoxie said...

that vapor's record is criminally underrated.