Friday, August 24, 2007

...and so brings a close to Nilsson Week. Thanks for hanging in (if you did!) and indulging us. Thanks must go again to and For the Love of Harry for the background info and for filling in some blanks. Tell 'em we sent ya'.

Along the way we were accused of riding the coattails of the aforementioned sites and I politely have to disagree with that notion. They have their audience and we have ours -- and it's one that may have missed Nilsson along the way. We hope we've broadened the horizons of the uninitiated and encouraged some new folks to seek out Harry's catalog. They'll be well rewarded.

Let it not be said however that we're against any critique or criticism, cuz we ain't! Let us know how you feel in any regard...more of this, less of that - we're all ears. Chime in and participate...and thanks!

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Anonymous said...

I loved Harry Nilsson Week. Especially when it was called 7 Days of Harry at nevergetoutoftheboat a few months back.