Monday, July 30, 2007

Wherein the Vinyl District Looses all Street-Cred:

Sure, sure... we'll get to all the indie and post-punk selections soon, but I'd be remiss if I didn't shine a light on the LP that literally BLEW MY MIND UP. The first convergence for me of music and art...(both terms loosely defined, of course.) In celebration, some hand-picked live rarities from the golden year that was 1976, including a seldom played live gem "Flaming Youth." (Where's my lighter...?)
KISS - Detroit Rock City (Mp3)
KISS - Do You Love Me? (Mp3)
KISS - Flaming Youth (Mp3)
KISS - King of the Nighttime World (Mp3)
KISS - Shout it Out Loud (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

rock and roll!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry for a second about street cred. Early KISS ruckin' focks! Excellent choices, btw.