Sunday, July 22, 2007

The silence you've heard was the sharpening of knives.

A manifesto of sorts. Welcome, from Ground Zero.

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Gary said...


I'm gonna tell the world you're a dirty little girl.

We're definitely from the same culture. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" was the second album I ever bought--right after "Elton John's
Greatest Hits". The third album was "KISS Alive" followed immediately
by "Destroyer" once I saw KISS perform on the Paul Lynde Halloween
Special on primetime TV. "Framptom Comes Alive" was right around that time too.

And as for Two Guys, there was one 5 minutes from my house in
Middletown on Hwy 35. My very older brother used to work in the
sporting good department. I loved Two Guys! It was right across the street from the now famous Weird NJ Evil Clown in front of Food Circus.

Someone grab that bitch by the ears.

I look forward to seeing you twice in August, once in DC and the
following week in NYC.



PS: As for the library, I did steal a few LP's (shame on me) which I
still have, including a rare live Elton John album called "Here &
There": side 1 at Royal Albert Hall from an early 70's show, side 2
at Madison Square Garden Thanksgiving during the GYBR tour. And I'll
never forget my mother getting angry at me for hoarding a library
book about Vampire movies, chock full of pornographic photos of blood
horror. Those were the days of imagination.